Private Labeling is one of the easiest ways to build up your brand, whether you’re a reputable dietary supplement company seeking to expand your current product line or you’re a fresh company breaking into the nutritional supplement industry.

Arnet offers hundreds of ready-to-brand private label vitamins and supplement formulas in various dosages and delivery forms to suit your needs. Customers may choose pre-existing private label formulas and give them your personal touch by adding your name, design and packaging. As a one-stop private label service, Arnet Pharmaceutical will manufacture your supplement and package it for you. We believe that your private label experience should be reliable as well as efficient.

When you’re in the business of branding and marketing your products, you shouldn’t have to worry about the manufacturing and regulatory aspects of the industry. Our private label supplements have already been formulated, tested, and certified for safety and regulatory conditions. Just add your personal touch and your new product is ready to go.

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